What is the Easiest Language to Learn?

Did you ever wonder what the easiest language to learn is? Maybe you are looking to learn another language and haven’t decided on which one. You don’t want to get bogged down in something too difficult and you’d like a (relatively) easy time of it.

There are a lot of factors that make a language easy or hard to learn. The factor with the greatest impact is what your native language is – the language you grew up speaking. This will always effect how you learn languages. Other factors are – whether you have to learn a new alphabet or writing system, new grammar rules and strange new sounds to make.

It’s really a combination of the actual characteristics of the language you want to learn and your own personal experience and learning skills. But if the majority of people agree that one language is easiest to learn, then it probably is. I have a survey on my website and most people seem to choose the easiest language based on what their native language is.

The majority of language learners whose native language is English choose Spanish as the easiest language to learn. Why? For one reason, Spanish is a very regular language. Once you know the rules of pronunciation, you can read almost any Spanish word and pronounce it correctly. And aside for a few new letters (that aren’t very difficult), the alphabet is the same.

There are also many cognates between English and Spanish. Much of the vocabulary is familiar, either borrowed from one language to the other, or borrowed from the same source, like Latin.

Another key factor in why people feel that Spanish is easy to learn is the availability of resources to learn with. The market is flush with products to buy, books and movies are readily available, and the internet has lots of free resources to use. Combined with the fact that Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, it seems that Spanish is everywhere and is somehow easier to pick up.

There are other candidates for the Easiest Language to Learn such as French, Italian, Dutch and German. Esperanto is a popualar write-in candidate for the easiest language to learn, but Esperanto has an unfair advantage. It is a constructed language, it was designed to be easier to learn. In fact studies have shown that it is four to ten times easier to learn than other languages!

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