Applications of Geometry in Everyday Life

The realistic looking landscapes and the characters that we see in a video game are the wonders of Geometry! Geometry is one of the classical disciplines of mathematics. It is derived from the Greek which means Earth and Metron, upon translating it roughly means earth measurement. Geometry is concerned with the properties of shapes and figures. It is primarily studied to be a practical guide for measuring areas, length, volume and studied further in various other projects.

The Euclidean Geometry is the basic form of geometry. It deals with length, volume and area. A few of the concepts concerning length and area are the circumference, radii, etc. The volume of three-dimensional objects like the cylinder, pyramids, spheres, etc can be computed using geometry. Geometry used to be all about measurements and shapes but now numbers have started making their way to geometry. Numbers are introduced in the form of numerical values of areas and lengths.

Geometry has its application from the most basic to the most advanced phenomena in life. Among the different areas of mathematics, geometry has a profound impact on our everyday lives. Geometry is all around us and in the everyday task that we perform. For example, the stop signs on the road are octagonal in shape, the aquarium has to be filled with water carefully so as to avoid overflowing, etc. Geometry is an important subject in this technologically driven society. Hence it is important for one to be good at geometry. Here, we will suggest you books and practice modules to go through to understand geometry better. The RD Sharma class 8 solution has a wide range of problems on geometry. By practicing these questions, one gets a good understanding of geometry. These also are proven to be helpful in scoring good marks in class 8 exams.

As discussed, Euclidean geometry is the basic form of geometry and deals with the study of points, lines, angles, triangles, similarity, congruence and analytic geometry. It finds its practical application in crystallography, computer science and various other branches of mathematics. The RD Sharma class 9 solutions consist a variety of problems based on Euclidean geometry. By practicing these questions one gets a clear idea of Euclidean geometry.

Many professions require a foundational understanding of geometry. For example, weaving, sports, construction, sewing, etc mainly use the concepts learned through the study of geometry. In most of these professions, the use of geometric principles have not only provided an increase in safety but also an increase in the skill set enhancement, creation of tools and many more. In sports, a good understanding of geometry might help a batsman in cricket to hit the ball farther. We can conclude by stating that geometry surrounds us all making the world a safer and better place.  

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