Special Education, Family, and School Budgets Discussed

One thing is for certain, if you have a special needs child, education is very important, and it is of major concern. There is lots of information online about special education; research, reports, and data, but there are also many articles online about how this is affecting school budgets too. Consider if you will the near epidemic levels of kids born with autism, and how this is affecting our schools, we are challenged with staffing, costs, and the incredible needs of each student.

It is unfortunate that in such an economically powerful nation that we are having such a difficult time rising to the occasion. It is also unfortunate that many parents and families cannot afford the extreme costs associated with a special needs child. There are kids with emotional and behavioral disorders, which need special curriculums, and there are more than enough ideas, products and experience to solve these challenges, but it all costs money.

Indeed, we are making headway with special needs students in assisting them with their learning difficulties in schools, but we need to as a society realize that how we act, and the decisions we make in this regard says a whole lot about who we are as a people, and as a nation. Although we have Federal Laws considering giving special needs students the estimated appropriate education, we also have local school district constraints, and we’ve also got the lawyers involved, costing the system, and families even more money.

Something has to give because the regular students are having their classroom budget cuts also, and there just isn’t enough money to go around anymore. This is a very serious issue, unfortunately it is an ethical one, that we are not addressing. Thus, I thought you should know, perhaps put some thinking to it. You see, I’ve been talking with parents of special kids, wrote an eBook on how to do an Autism Fundraiser, and have been in touch with parent groups – let me tell you, these are serious concerns. We are all effected.